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Leo Potier
Leo Potier

Who Am I?​

I am a passionate journalist. Reporting the things that I see around the world is my dream. In Belgium, in France, in Germany and everywhere in the world, I work as Foreign Correspondent for French and German speaking media.

Whether I am running stories for TV and radio, or print and online papers,  reporting is what counts!

What do I stand for?

« Respecting the facts doesn’t mean I can’t take sides » once wrote the French author Albert Camus. Indeed! But in a world where facts are often questioned with « alternative facts », I am persuaded that being honest is the only way to solve the problem. The facts are not always in our favor. But that’s the way it is. Whether I’m speaking in front of a camera or a microphone or just writing my next article, honesty is something I hold dearly.

Leo Potier
Leo Potier

What I have to offer?

  • Live reporting on scene, worldwide
  • Presenting and moderation
  • Podcast creation (thousands of listeners for my podcast MAPs)

I look forward to your message

Please don’t hesitate to contact me whether you have any questions about my services or want to find out more about my work. 

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